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  1. Lightweight constructions of non-iron special alloys

    schiebedeckelAre you looking for lightweight and corrosion resistant cast components of aluminium or bronze?

    Based on our our own developed and certified special alloys we guarantee higher mechanical properties, e.g. higher elongation and/or higher strength. With our comprehensive certification know-how we maintain an approval of your cast design at national and international classification authorities. We deliver i.e. sliding hatches of aluminium with a guaranteed elongation (A) of 12% for silo trucks that are built in accordance with ADR/PED. Our product range also includes reduction devices for LNG terminals and at ships, butterfly valves for pipelines and cast components for plant engineering.

    With our approved bronze alloy we guarantee an elongation of 25%. This alloy has been used for oxygen valves, gas pipes and die bodies. Collaborating with the TUEV Nord and with leading R&D institutions we develop and certify special sand cast alloys based on Al and Cu with higher mechanical properties. Some of these alloys are weldable.