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Save weight

f-cuIs weight at metallic parts an issue for you?

We have developed aluminium alloys to enable you to design thinner and lighter parts. Our corrosion resistant High-tech alloys guarantee high elongation and high yield strength. Using our high-performance aluminium you are able to substitute steel by aluminium saving approximately 60% of your current weight.

For corrosion free applications in pressurized areas we offer our bronce alloy F-Cu with high ductility.

Considering that mechanical properties at sandcast parts are low compared to other production procedures the mechanical properties of parts based on our high-tech alloys can even be significantly increased.

At the inhouse foundry we give proof of the performance of our high-tech alloys and we supply you approved, machined ready-to-install sandcasts based on our alloys upon your request.

Saving weight has become extraordinary relevant in many branches i.e. automotive, plant engineering, ship building or at pressure vessels. Our products are used where high strength and high elongation is requested, to replace welding constructions as well as iron or steel cast parts. Well-known customers and end customers i.e. Linde, Air Liquide, Shell, Heraeus, MAN or Feldbinder are proof of our innovation leadership.

With our aluminium program we offer you corrosion resistant aluminium alloys with certain optimised mechanical properties. We i.e. supply casts with 12% elongation which are pressure-tight weldable. Further, we offer an aluminium alloy that maintains an elongation (A) of 12% and a tensile strength (Rm) von 260 MPa erreicht. Alternatively, you use one of our brandnew aluminium alloys: The F-Al80 reaches a yield strength of above 400 MPa and a tensile strength of 200 MPa. The F-Al70 combines high ductility with strength and reaches a yield stremgth of above 300 MPa at an elongation of up to 30 %.

With our bronce program we offer you our corrosion resistant bronze alloy F-Cu with a tensile strength of 310 MPa and an elongation of 25%.

In addition, we develop tailor-made corrosion resistant alloys based on Al and Cu.

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