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3D printing starts at schools. Based on this we are glad to support the 3D@school project by Initiative NAT initiated by Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

We look forward to seeing plenty of scholars using and shape the technical revolution of 3D printing.

Foto: Handelskammer Hamburg/Ulrich Perrey

Foto: Handelskammer Hamburg/Ulrich Perrey

Finally the time has come! The Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg's new landmark, has opened – with approximately. 300 elliptic, pressure-tight, openable wings turning in the facade, which were developed for the Elbphilharmonie. You are driving rain- and strong wind-tight and leave the noise, the air and the atmosphere of the port in the building.

Our owner has viewed the electrically openable pivot vents in the foyer of the Great Hall.

For details, see below Metal Magazine: the facade of the Elbphilharmonie

We are glad to exhibit at this year’s Hamburg Innovation Summit at 30th May. Visit us to experience the variety of industrial 3D print applications.

We are looking Gießereimechaniker (m / w) on a permanent basis. What makes Fehrmann, see our website. In addition, we offer you, a transitional apartment on the premises, if you want to relocate in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. Apply with us to.

We have entered into with the Helmholtz Association, a strategic research alliance. We are looking forward to it, deepen the successful cooperation in the development of further innovative materials.

August 2014 | The gold bronze tinted glass panels enclose the deck saloons of the mega yacht. Whether and where windows or doors break the clear lines cannot be seen with the naked eye, for the Flushline™-principle closes them flush with the wall.

That looks really elegant and ultra-modern and is, in addition, weather tight, noise and vibration insulating and, if required, can be fire and bullet proof as well. Flushline™ sends the designer of every extremely large yacht into raptures. It was developed by the Hamburg company, Fehrmann, from the Arbeitsgruppe [Working Group] DEUTSCHE YACHTEN.

While regulations and standards mean that many futuristic designs quickly reach the limit of their feasibility, the Hamburg company simply turns the tables. ‘Function follows form’, declares Henning Fehrmann, ‘The designer must be free and bold when it comes to the glazing of mega yachts’. His company arranges the implementation of design aspirations and ideas. ‘Freedom to design‘ says Fehrmann, in his eyes often flounders too fast on technical shortcomings in the super yacht industry.

Besides the highest level of design freedom, the Fehrmann products meet the extensive regulations specified in PYC, SOLAS, MCA, LY3 and ISO and from the classification of this yacht. But not only that, they have developed safety standards in house and improved them. Even with glass sliding doors the continually improved Flushline™-principle has set the worldwide standard. Weathertightness is guaranteed by the Fehrmann all-electric Flushline™-door without the need for inflatable seals; and crushing – incidentally not specified in any standard – prevented on Fehrmann’s doors by a braking distance of only 20 millimetres.

Not only doors and windows, but also glazed sun roofs can be integrated into a yacht’s design. Thus the Yoga room on the sun deck can become the open air gym in the twinkling of an eye. All is designed, constructed, manufactured and fitted as a made-to-measure project. Says Fehrmann: ‘We are in business to provide the technical know how to implement individual designs’.

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